Chill studio will take you from concept to conclusion. Strategise, create, communicate and transact. We specialise in the whole package. Our clever team will develop your brand identity and realize it through creative collateral and online action. We'll get your business out into the world!


Our bread and butter, we have been in the print game since Adam was a cowboy. We now have 18 annual magazines under our belt and more posters than you can poke a stick at, not that we’re limited to these traditional mediums. If you are looking for a sharp looking publication, no matter how big or small, we are happy to help.



Over the last 11 years the Chill manual has had several iterations and recently been refined to a 14 page mini guide to  toskiing the Chill Mountains in the Southern Alps. Whether it is 14 pages or 140 the process is the same and the accuracy and quality are always our focus.

Level 3 Portfolio Chill 3



Geeing seen in public places can be a good thing! Creating eye catching flyers that get you in the hands of your audience has been fantastic for the Vintage Peddler Bike Hire company. Using tactile stock with a focus on sustainability helps reinforce the values of this brand.

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The Ride Manual was first published back in 2011, with the original  title Chill Adventures. From content planning to completion, the process of writing an annual magazine takes about 10 weeks of late nights, phone calls, and proof checking. Every version of the manual is meticulously checked for spelling errors, misprints, wrong information, and anything that may take away from the experience of the magazine. Skiing and biking go together naturally in the adventure world, so it made sense to make use of our skills and knowledge to put together a magazine dedicated to the adventure of biking. The final product is an environmentally friendly, perfect A5 manual with content including reader contributed stories, events, and visually spectacular images, picked up and enjoyed in all corners of NZ.

Level 3 Portfolio Ride manual 1